Sun And Moon Tattoo #130
Gay man, Amateur, 57y
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Watch for announcements. Anyone up north or in Scotland want to invite me to get a room in their city? Drop me a line.

Amateur movie maker, and general slut. I'm accepting any friend request, but think of your fellow wankers. Help them find some of the best free real amateur porn and add one to your list of favourites!
Yes this is real porn so I am looking for fresh meat who want to do it for fun. If you're exceptionally fit or cute I will pay travel expenses, or for accommodation, but you won't get rich filming with me.
If you are interested in doing a movie with me drop me a line. Make contact through a direct message on here. Provide a number I can text you with or I will assume you're not serious. Also don't ask if I know 'any women' or can I organise a group to gang bang you. Both questions will incur a very direct response.
Finally I am very definitely bi. I have been with the same woman for over 30 years. In fact I really only have sex with men because men are easy, and women are trouble (something anyone who clicks on the ads on this site would do well to remember ;-). So let's keep the meaningless bump and grind between ourselves lads -it's just easier.